Jonathan Dawes

Just stayed up to see Newsnight, and wade through a carefully crafted thrown-away remark from Cameron on Afghanistan followed by a monstrous carbuncle. Nice package from Susan Watts: 1951 to 2010 as an intro, then Martin Taylor worrying briefly, followed by the penguins (apparently that is what they officially are). A good focus on the Daphnia people and some journalistic artistry in getting the microscope science to link to the explanation of government spending on science, industrial R&D and so on. Catch it all on iplayer if you didn't see it.

Clips that I recognised immediately of the FatBodySlim exhibit, the Algae people and the Red Blood Cell stand. All our corner, as it turns out, so it was particularly gratifying to have a mention for ''Chaos and Complexity'' [sic] and shots of Chris talking to Susan Watts, then of Giles trying to convince me of something (I'm the one standing very still), and before that, Giles and David being busy in the background to her piece to camera. I'm rather tickled that the computer graphics of the double pendulum got in but the footage of the real thing got left on the cutting-room floor. Surely the natural world itself is more captivating than merely a computer simulation of the natural world !?

And one more thought, quickly - I wonder if the glossy literature I gave Susan Watts has gone in the bin yet?